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1. Download usb_cam package from github [crayon-5ae0adfaccdd9340110430/]   2. [crayon-5ae0adfaccde5369759527/]   then [crayon-5ae0adfaccde8413347683/]   3. create the usb_cam.launch [crayon-5ae0adfaccdeb568711550/]   4. [crayon-5ae0adfaccdee802233317/]   that give error: [crayon-5ae0adfaccdf1322236001/]      


Follow to run SVO with ROS I need 1. [crayon-5ae0adfad164a822831060/] This should be ok if the ros is installed 2. [crayon-5ae0adfad1650934646936/]   [crayon-5ae0adfad1654411403551/]   It requires calibration file using to calibrate The Pinhole model 3.svo create live.launch file [crayon-5ae0adfad1657277450213/] [crayon-5ae0adfad165a129268158/] 4. [crayon-5ae0adfad165d919258051/] 5. [crayon-5ae0adfad1660925983756/]  

Install SVO

Follow to install SVO with ROS Problem 1: [crayon-5ae0adfad2353330963322/] [crayon-5ae0adfad2358261185431/]

Install Ptam

In order to calibrate my camera in ATAN model, I use the calibration tool in this PTAM package. I try to run this in ROS env, so I try to install PTAM without ROS and it is ok to run. README_PTAM Install TooN (from [crayon-5ae0adfad61bf346715988/] [crayon-5ae0adfad61c4027953282/] [crayon-5ae0adfad61c8151105023/] Error: [crayon-5ae0adfad61cb515875707/] This Error can be skipped,