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Install opencv in ubuntu with venv

Notes  use [crayon-63d898825e5ac229991669/] to know the path of your virtualenv directory. cmake will look for this directory. If it is wrong(after you moved the venv folder), you can change the VIRTUAL_ENVpath in ../bin/activate. Install opencv using cmake after source your_venv/bin/activate is the best way to install opncv cmake parameters can be vary with

Solving Q2

Notes: About venv After [crayon-63d898825f255891168382/] actually a folder named venv is created in the current directory, enter [crayon-63d898825f25d800949081/] to enter the virtual environment stored in that folder. Anythings done in Step 2 after that venv will only effective inside that venv About sqlite  After [crayon-63d898825f262512851169/] actually a db named charger is created in the current

Arg_max and Arg_min

x in the set S , such that x can give the max f(x). similar idea for min f(x)

Linear Algebra@Chapter 2

Tips before start:   is identity matrix with 2x2 size, i.e.    matrix A is n x m, matrix B is a x b. AB has size n x b, m must equal a, since A is coefficient matrix, B is vector of variables, each variables get one coefficient (a column), so # of column

Linear Algebra@Chapter 1

The notes begin at Solution set of linear system. The concept to start this topic is free variable, row operation and span, 1.1 to 1.4 in the book "linear algebra and its applications 4th edition" "span" : generally means can be solved by <br> save your life by using to solve the matrix format : row reduce