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Install opencv in ubuntu with venv

Notes  use [crayon-5c1691eeb074f114630320/] to know the path of your virtualenv directory. cmake will look for this directory. If it is wrong(after you moved the venv folder), you can change the VIRTUAL_ENVpath in ../bin/activate. Install opencv using cmake after source your_venv/bin/activate is the best way to install opncv cmake parameters can be vary with

Solving Q2

Notes: About venv After [crayon-5c1691eeb0e12403513527/] actually a folder named venv is created in the current directory, enter [crayon-5c1691eeb0e17512179282/] to enter the virtual environment stored in that folder. Anythings done in Step 2 after that venv will only effective inside that venv About sqlite  After [crayon-5c1691eeb0e1a655086229/] actually a db named charger is created in the current