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1. Download usb_cam package from github [crayon-63d89a06d7382009740664/]   2. [crayon-63d89a06d738c660005027/]   then [crayon-63d89a06d7391414576937/]   3. create the usb_cam.launch [crayon-63d89a06d7394254422717/]   4. [crayon-63d89a06d7397552655890/]   that give error: [crayon-63d89a06d739b335449113/]      


Follow to run SVO with ROS I need 1. [crayon-63d89a06d8c48684473275/] This should be ok if the ros is installed 2. [crayon-63d89a06d8c50083372654/]   [crayon-63d89a06d8c54296332667/]   It requires calibration file using to calibrate The Pinhole model 3.svo create live.launch file [crayon-63d89a06d8c58171848349/] [crayon-63d89a06d8c5d948359119/] 4. [crayon-63d89a06d8c60992582902/] 5. [crayon-63d89a06d8c64506974271/]  

Install SVO

Follow to install SVO with ROS Problem 1: [crayon-63d89a06d9a8d247889475/] [crayon-63d89a06d9a94499921713/]

Install Ptam

In order to calibrate my camera in ATAN model, I use the calibration tool in this PTAM package. I try to run this in ROS env, so I try to install PTAM without ROS and it is ok to run. README_PTAM Install TooN (from [crayon-63d89a06dab92499487377/] [crayon-63d89a06dab9a812861178/] [crayon-63d89a06dabad802223106/] Error: [crayon-63d89a06dabb1679361084/] This Error can be skipped,

Linear Algebra@Chapter 2

Tips before start:   is identity matrix with 2x2 size, i.e.    matrix A is n x m, matrix B is a x b. AB has size n x b, m must equal a, since A is coefficient matrix, B is vector of variables, each variables get one coefficient (a column), so # of column

WordPress Plugin

This post will introduce the WordPress Plugin that I found useful.

Linear Algebra@Chapter 1

The notes begin at Solution set of linear system. The concept to start this topic is free variable, row operation and span, 1.1 to 1.4 in the book "linear algebra and its applications 4th edition" "span" : generally means can be solved by <br> save your life by using to solve the matrix format : row reduce

WordPress tutorial

If you don't want to code you wordpress, this PDF will be very enough for you. Otherwise, go through the comment for more coding resources. GUI introduction EasyWPGuide_V3.0 Guide Web design resource Explore more web design samples before start your own design.